Rev. Betty Crawford, Vice President at Large


We are determined to surpass our goal, winning souls for the Kingdom is our determination.

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A Word From Our Evangelism Leadership



Evangelism is the winning of souls, and/or revival of personal commitments, to Jesus Christ.   Evangelism is the announcement, proclamation and/or preaching of the Gospel, the Good News about Jesus Christ, as found in I Corinthians 15:3,4 and declared by Him in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20, et al) to His disciples then and now.

The Gospel may be declared in oral, written, or visual form as well as by the lifestyle of a living witness for Jesus Christ.  Proclamation may be public or private through personal witnessing.   Evangelism includes, but is not limited to, the following.


  • Proactive Lifestyle Evangelism:  Personally witnessing to friends, relatives, associates, neighbors (F.R.A.N.), via face-to-face contact as well as through social media and other means of communication. 
  • Intentional Local Church Community Outreach:  Offering Evangelism Training, Workshops, Seminars, etc.   
  • Intentional Institutional Outreach: Nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, prisons, etc. .  
  • Multi-Cultural/Bi-lingual Community Outreach    
  • Meeting the felt needs of the community, i.e. food, clothing, advocacy, education, economic/community development, etc.    
  • Collaborative Sister Church Efforts:  Evangelism Training, Street Ministry, Rallies, Crusades, etc.     
  • Know that personal witnessing may be carried out publicly or privately, in church or on the street corner. 

Whether In one’s personal Jerusalem (home), Judea (community), Samaria (Multi-cultural) or the uttermost part of their world (Acts 1:8), followers of Christ must obey the mandate of Christ, either publicly or privately, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel!     



Download Your Evangelism Tool Kit

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